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Flan Caramel supported the City of Deinze in their campaign "#Deinze2040." The campaign unveils the long-term vision of the city in the video. The city aims to fully embrace innovation and sustainability.

The city's vision for 2020 is for Deinze to become a place where you can enjoy all seasons, with all facilities accessible within a 15-minute bike ride or walk from the city and town centers. This includes shops, offices, schools, healthcare, culture, and recreation.

Deinze 3D


The campaign had previously published the ambitions of the city of Deinze. However, more was needed to reach the residents of Deinze. A more accessible medium and a clear visualization were required.

On behalf of the City of Deinze, Flan Caramel created 2 explainer videos to communicate the city's vision for the future. One video covers the general vision of the city, while the other video delves into more technical details, explaining the Spatial Policy Plan.

The challenge for both videos was to provide a clear explanation of the concept of density. The City of Deinze aims to transition into a "soft city," one that brings people together and where various human activities converge to offer a better quality of life. On the other hand, the focus of the visualization was to incorporate recognizable elements and locations of the City of Deinze.

Deinze 3D

3D animation

To effectively address both aspects, 3D animation was chosen.

The entire city was modeled in 3D, allowing us to visualize the changes in the city on both a macro and micro scale. Through collaboration with the Urban Planning department, we were able to create the right visualization and paint a vision of the future for the City of Deinze in 2024.

3D animation

The City of Deinze received a lot of positive feedback from its residents regarding both videos. The videos were used in the "Round of the Villages," a meeting where the city listens to the opinions of its residents regarding the city's vision.

Recently, a third video was developed for the City of Deinze. In this video, residents are provided with information about a new traffic situation in the city. Because we have already created existing 3D models of the City of Deinze, there is no need to create new models for each new video. We can adapt the same models and use them from different perspectives, maintaining a consistent visual style while introducing variety in the visualization. This leads to more efficient production and a coherent look for the videos.