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ArcelorMittal is one of the major global players in steel production. With an annual production of 70 million tons of steel, the company operates 37 steel plants and 12 mining operations in more than 16 different countries. They are active in numerous sectors, including the energy, construction, and petrochemical industries.
The ArcelorMittal Tubular Products department manages production aimed at the automotive industry.

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The automotive industry is facing numerous challenges, such as a continuous focus on innovation, achieving the highest quality standards, and the growing emphasis on sustainable materials and processes.

In consultation with ArcelorMittal, the decision was made to develop a live action video in combination with overlay animation and 3D animation.

ArcelorMittal manufactures various components for automobiles. Since these components are not always visually visible with live-action footage, we have used 3D visuals to depict them in a technically accurate and visually appealing manner.

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Overlay animation offers the advantage of maximizing the combination of live video and animation. It is a technique where animation or text is added to an existing video without fully replacing the original video. The animation serves as an additional layer on top of the existing video, allowing us to present information more clearly without abrupt transitions from live video to animation.

The combination of 3D animation and overlay allowed us to highlight the company's innovative mindset more effectively.

Case ArcelorMittal

The video is used at various trade shows and serves as an introduction for potential customers. In addition, the 3D visuals are also utilized in other communication materials, such as email banners, brochures, and posters.

This way, the company was able to deliver a consistent message and increase visual impact across marketing channels.