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How do we proceed?


At Flan Caramel, every project starts with a personal conversation. Whether explaining your product clearly, creating awareness among your audience, or attracting new leads.

Our unique workflow takes you on a journey through the entire production process.

We take a thorough look at the message and target audience, resulting in an engaging video.



Our visual storyteller then brings the scenario to life with a simple and powerful storyboard. The look & feel of your animation is designed entirely according to your corporate identity.

That way, we create a visual image that is memorable and will stick.


Finally, our graphic and motion designers join forces. A final tight dash of audio or voice-over, with or without in-house copy works wonders, and there you have it! Finally, we polish up the video marketing strategy and put your brand magisterially in the spotlight.

After all, videos deserve views, and preferably as many as possible, of course.


In short, Flan Caramel creates videos that resolutely result in brand activation.

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