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You've just created an appealing animated video. Naturally, you'll want to share it at the right moment. Below, we provide some focal points for delivering your post on social media at the right time and in the right way.

Social media players come and go at an incredible pace. However, three platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn—continue to dominate the market. TikTok has also emerged recently.

The success of your post often depends on algorithms. These algorithms contribute to determining how many people see your message, also known as reach To increase this and thereby have a greater chance of gaining more followers and likes, consider the following factors:

    • Post regularly. Naturally, finding engaging content to share takes time. Make it as easy as possible for your business. Share a photo of a team-building event, a meeting, and so on. If a guest speaker is coming or if you're collaborating with a new partner, feel free to share this with your followers.

    • Avoid mistakes Language is incredibly important. Keep your message concise, avoid errors, and refrain from using complex words. Depending on the platform you're using, limit the number of words. For Facebook, it's best to use a maximum of 85 characters. Instagram prefers even shorter and more concise content. Try to explain everything in a single sentence. LinkedIn on the other hand is for professional use. You can elaborate on a specific topic here. Utilize hashtags, tag other individuals, and check-in when visiting clients on each platform.

    • What time? The first thing people do when they wake up is check the new notifications on their smartphones. They do the same during their lunch break or when they return from work. Therefore, the best times to post are before 8 am in the morning, at 12 pm noon, and after 5 pm in the evening. The ideal time is estimated to be between 6 pm and 8 pm.

    • The first 2 minutes are the most important. From the moment your post goes online, it's crucial to gather likes as quickly as possible. Mobilize colleagues to like the post right after it's published. This way, friends and family will also see the content you share on their wall more rapidly.

    • Engage with your followers. The more conversation happening under your post, the more important Facebook or Instagram perceives you to be. As a result, your post will receive a significant boost and reach more people's screens. Therefore, ask questions to your followers and thereby encourage interaction.


A new major player in the social media market is TikTok. The Chinese company experienced tremendous growth during the pandemic. Upon creating an account, you land on the 'For You' pageUnlike traditional social media, the algorithm here is much more unpredictable. If you like a few videos about food, you can be sure to be inundated with cooking videos for the next few days, even if you're not a kitchen expert. TikTok has faced criticism from various foreign privacy commissions for its disregard of privacy and for allegedly favoring attractive individuals on the 'For You' page zou promoten.

However, this doesn't diminish the fact that it could be an interesting medium for your business in the future. Both multinational companies and politicians have already jumped on this bandwagon. The challenge is that managing a successful TikTok account is exceptionally demanding. Top 'creators' post around 3 times a day.