Patients of AZ Maria Middelares arrive at an innovative and high-tech hospital on the green outskirts of Ghent.

The hospital has 542 licensed hospital beds, 99 beds day hospital en 24 high-tech rooms for operations, treatments and examinations. Furthermore, the organisation has 1,800 staff and almost 200 doctors. And this with a focus on values such as friendliness, warmth and patient experience.


The explainer video had to be used on AZMM's patient platform. Before patients undergo a procedure at Maria Middelares Hospital, a patient statement must be signed. In such a statement, more information is given that concerns patients during their stay, and what choices they have to make. (E.g. choice of room)

The cost of a hospital room can vary depending on several factors such as the type of room (e.g. single room, double room, suite), the facilities available, the length of stay, and possibly the specific medical care required.

In general, single rooms can be more expensive than double rooms because of the private facilities and comfort they offer. Some hospitals also offer different levels of rooms with different rates.

For the video, a broad target audience is targeted, with the video also having to be intelligible to foreign-language patients. Besides the fact that the visual aspect will be addressed, there is also the option to add subtitles.
This allows patients in the waiting room to clearly understand all the information in the video, even when no audio is played.