Cavalor is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Flan Caramel has developed a write-on-board animation to commemorate this occasion. Through this animation, we explain the origins of Cavalor and how they have evolved over the years.

Cavalor is a Belgian brand specializing in nutritional supplements and care products for horses. The brand offers a wide range of products aimed at supporting the health, performance, and well-being of horses. Known for their scientifically-backed approach and high-quality standards in the equine nutrition and care industry, Cavalor supplies foods, supplements, and care products used by horse owners, breeders, and professional riders worldwide.


A whiteboard animation, also known as a whiteboard video or whiteboard explainer video, is a style of animation where drawings and text are created on a virtual whiteboard. This style is ideal for educational purposes, explaining complex concepts, business presentations, and marketing campaigns.

In whiteboard animations, the drawings are created as if by a hand sketching them out on the whiteboard. This hand, cut out from a stock photo, acts as the drawing hand, bringing the illustrations to life with a dynamic and sketch-like appearance.

Whiteboard animation offers several benefits, including the ability to simplify complex concepts through step-by-step visualization. The interactive drawings on a virtual whiteboard help maintain viewer attention for longer periods, making it highly effective for educational purposes and training. This animation style is versatile and can be used for various applications such as presentations and marketing efforts. Its professional appearance contributes to the credibility of the message and enhances the brand's image.