The Knowledge Center for Children's Rights (KEKI) aims to consolidate scientific knowledge about children's rights. Their goal is to make this information accessible to children and spread understanding among their target audience. The center endeavors to strengthen the position of all children in society.

Commissioned by the Flemish Government, KEKI was tasked with creating a video on the topic: "The participatory development of child-friendly information about children's rights in relation to the digital world, targeting children aged 9 to 13."


This style was developed in close collaboration with our target audience: young children. To better understand their world, our scriptwriter visited various classrooms. The aim was to gauge their current knowledge and identify areas where understanding may be lacking. These insights formed a solid foundation for the video's script. Moreover, the children themselves were involved in creating visuals on this theme. Based on their drawings, our graphic designer made informed choices regarding form and color. This participatory approach ensured that the visuals resonated authentically with the children's perspectives. By engaging directly with the target audience and incorporating their input into the video's creation, KEKI ensures that the final product is not only informative but also engaging and relatable to children aged 9 to 13. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of children's rights in the digital age and empowers young viewers to navigate this complex topic with confidence.