MPACT, formerly known as Taxistop, is an organization dedicated to innovative mobility solutions. In the context of autonomous vehicles, MPACT focuses on promoting sustainable mobility and enhancing accessibility to various locations.

Autonomous Vehicles at MPACT:

  1. Sustainable MobilityAutonomous vehicles can help reduce the ecological footprint of transportation by efficiently utilizing fuels and energy sources, as well as reducing traffic congestion and emissions.
  2. ToegankelijkheidThe deployment of autonomous vehicles can enhance accessibility to remote or hard-to-reach locations, aiming for better inclusion and accessibility for everyone.
  3. Policy Development:One of MPACT's goals is to inform and engage policymakers in integrating autonomous vehicles into mobility policies. This includes providing educational materials and videos to foster a better understanding of the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of autonomous vehicles.

The explainer video developed by Flan Caramel is an important tool to achieve these objectives. It helps policymakers and other stakeholders become more familiar with the technology and its potential impact on society and the environment.

Why Isometric Perspective?

This video is created in isometric perspective to clearly and comprehensively illustrate the complexity of mobility solutions. Isometric perspective offers various advantages such as:

  • Clarity It simplifies the visualization of structures and processes without distortion.
  • Overview It provides a three-dimensional image, allowing spatial relationships to be better understood.
  • Consistency It ensures a uniform representation of objects, which enhances the viewing experience.

Watch the video and discover how the Mobility Department of Ghent uses technology to make the city more accessible and livable for everyone!