Animatievideo Qualifar

Qualiphar is a prominent and independent player in the healthcare sector in the Belgian market. As a Belgian family-owned company, Qualiphar specializes in research and development, production, and commercial distribution of over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and other health products. To showcase their activities and business, Flan Caramel developed a whiteboard animation.

This video provides an insightful and engaging presentation of Qualiphar's expertise and dedication to healthcare. It highlights their role in delivering high-quality products that contribute to consumer well-being. Through animation, complex processes and innovations are explained clearly, allowing viewers to gain a better understanding of Qualiphar's contribution to the healthcare sector in Belgium and beyond.

Whiteboard animatie

A whiteboard animation is a specific type of animation where images are drawn directly on a virtual "whiteboard" or white surface. This animation style mimics the process of a live illustrator drawing on a whiteboard, with drawings appearing step by step and animated accordingly.

Whiteboard animations are popular because of their simple and effective presentation of information. These videos are developed using digital tools and software, making them flexible and adaptable to various needs and goals.