DjustConnect – Explainer

DjustConnect is a platform specifically aimed at securely and efficiently sharing data within the agricultural sector. Through an explainer video, they explain this concept, emphasizing strongly on protecting the rights and interests of farmers and horticulturists. The basic principle of DjustConnect is that farmers retain ownership of their data. Consequently, farmers themselves decide with whom they share this information and for what purposes.

Consent model

This is facilitated through a strict consent model. Third parties seeking access to the data must agree to the terms set by the farmer. This ensures privacy protection. Moreover, farmers have full transparency and control over the use of their data.

A third party that does not adhere to the agreed rules will no longer have access to the data. As a result, the farmer can immediately revoke access to their data. In this way, DjustConnect provides a sector-specific solution that supports farmers in optimizing their agricultural processes, enhancing productivity, and making informed decisions. At the same time, it respects their data ownership and privacy.

The DjustConnect explainer video explains this subject matter clearly!