VLM - Open Space

The Flemish Land Agency (VLM) plays a crucial role in the conservation and development of open space in Flanders. Open space refers to areas that are not built upon, such as agricultural land, nature reserves, parks, and recreational areas. VLM works on sustainably managing and developing these areas to preserve them for future generations and to enhance the quality of the environment.

Through various projects and programs, the VLM contributes to the conservation of natural landscapes, promotes sustainable agriculture, and creates recreational and ecological value. Their work helps strike a balance between economic development and the preservation of the natural environment, which is essential for a sustainable future.


This video was developed for the Flemish Land Agency, VLM. Here, we provided further explanation on "Herverkaveling Uit De Kracht Van Wet met Planologische Ruil" (HUKWPR). This so-called HUKWPR is a rather complex instrument. The procedure combines the legal aspects of land consolidation with spatial planning and exchange of designations. This can contribute to more efficient land use and better spatial planning.

Animation & Live Action combined

In short, we explain this procedure clearly using both animation and live-action footage.