KU Leuven - Uncertainty Quantification

At the request of KU Leuven, Flan Caramel developed an explainer video focusing on uncertainty quantification theory. This video elaborates on the complex subject using an example involving pears to clarify the matter. Of course, the theory can also be applied to other cases.

What is Uncertainty Quantification?

Uncertainty quantification is a scientific field that develops methods and techniques to identify, characterize, and reduce uncertainties in models and simulations. The goal is to enhance the reliability and accuracy of predictive capabilities.

Flat Design Approach

Flat design is ideal for an explainer video tackling a complex topic due to its simplicity and clarity. It reduces distractions and makes the core message easier to understand.

Consistent visual elements help recognize patterns and connections, which is crucial for complex concepts. The emphasis is on content rather than aesthetics, aiding in the conveyance of information.

Flat design is also suitable for animation, visualizing complex processes. This is particularly applicable in this video, as the subject matter is highly intricate. The modern and professional appearance instills confidence and enhances credibility.

Additionally, it ensures faster loading times and is flexible enough to adapt to different platforms. In summary, flat design makes complex topics more accessible.