Skin Tear Awareness Campaign

The International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP) was established to create global awareness. Despite the important steps already taken, Skin Tear Advisory Panel wants to raise awareness of this disease even more. Mainly, this is about prevention and treatment of skin tears.

To boost the international awareness campaign, this video was developed. This 2D animation video aims to draw attention to the prevention of skin tears. This is a common type of wound in people with fragile skin. In short, the importance of educating about skin tears cannot be overstated.

By raising awareness, we can not only help individuals stay healthier, but also improve overall healthcare through prevention and timely treatment of these wounds.

Flat Design Approach

Flat design is an approach where we present complex information in a simple and clear way. To do so, we use a limited colour palette and strive for visual simplicity. This allows even difficult topics to be visualised in an accessible way.