Sporta is the largest multisport federation in Flanders for recreational sports clubs. They offer numerous sports clubs support in areas such as administration, finance, IT, insurance, etc.

In collaboration with Flanders, they are organising 4 webinars, each covering a specific topic. We discussed the benefits of digital membership cards and showed how they can improve the management of membership information, access to facilities and communication with members. In addition, we explained how to set up and manage a multi-sport offer, including planning activities, recruiting trainers and volunteers, and promoting the offer to attract more participants. We also explained the revamped reconnection process and taught associations how to handle member reconnection efficiently, focusing on new features and improved processes.

Firstly, the sessions are designed to support sports associations in improving their administration and supply, and secondly, provide them with the tools and knowledge needed to improve their operational efficiency and member experience.

All info and the full webinars can be found at


In consultation with the client, we let the presenter (Hilde) speak. She explained the various topics. The footage was recorded in our own studio. We also worked with a green screen.

This provides an opportunity to add visual support in the video in addition to the speaker. In the post-production phase, overlay animations were added in the style of stickfigures.