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why flan?

Met Flan Caramel creëren we explainer video’s die dingen duidelijk maakt. Onze kernkracht is het maken van explainer video’s, motion graphics, 2D en 3D-animatie.

A difficult architectural formula or the laws of a safety procedure? We convert that into awesome motion that can be understood by everyone.

At Flan Caramel we believe that creativity should be as tasty as enjoying a perfectly prepared Flan Caramel dessert.

Our name embodies the essence of what we do – creating visually appealing and emotionally compelling animations and videos that leave a lasting impression.

Just as a Flan Caramel combines the right ingredients to make something delicious, we blend our creative talents, copywriting and design skills to produce content that captivates and achieves our goals.

And this for a target audience who not only understands the message, but can also explain to Rudy from Café “den overzet” the next day what the essence of the visual spectacle was.

So, when you see the name Flan Caramel, consider it a promise of something sweet, memorable and visually promising in the world of animation and videos.

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