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Here at Flan Caramel, we love animated video so much precisely because you can explain the most complex concept in an easy and understandable way. An explainer video? Now that's exactly what we mean! Putting your company in the spotlight by making good use of such a video really is the icing on the cake for your communication. We will tell you why!

Highlighting your brand personality and goals

With an explainer video, you explain in a fun and engaging way: who you are, what you do and why people should remember you! Video and animation attract attention and give a more organised message than plain text.

"Now that's not Chinese for me!"

Explaining the most complicated concepts in a fun way anyway, that's what an explainer video does. Think of a pitch about a new project, but instead of using 50 powerpoint slides, use 1 concise video that explains everything in a nutshell.

Sharing and perfectly adaptable

Such an explainer video can certainly be used nicely on your website's landing page but what's even better: you really can share it everywhere! From start-ups to larger companies, to attract new customers or introduce new products, there is something for everyone.

Fan of animation? Fan of corporate video? Even more of a fan of processing all kinds of information in a fun way? Then keep a close eye on our blog! We will be happy to tell you all about it.

After this, it is characteristic of humans, that compared to say 10 or
20 years ago, all have a smartphone at hand. A smartphone with which you can do a lot, and in terms of technology is also growing enormously. Where you used to be able to take a picture with a nokia, whereby it was barely visible what you actually photographed, today this is completely different. In terms of technology, it is even possible to shoot video in a professional way, using, say, a smartphone.

Also to the market of corporate video or video animation, this also means a
serious change. As a business, you are practically obliged to have an account on facebook, to better highlight your activities as well. And when we say facebook or social media, video is inextricably linked to it. It is practically not enough to just post your company film or video animation on your website, but it is also important to post video on social media.

And corporate video or video animation can come in different forms these days. A corporate video is not only there to explain your company's mission statement, but can also add value to reach your staff (internal communication), recruit within your company,...