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Hier bij Flan Caramel is een animatie video maken dagdagelijkse kost! Daar komt natuurlijk wel wat bij kijken en vraagt wel wat werk. Wij sommen hieronder graag eens op wat heel dat proces inhoudt.


Step 1: Write a video script

Before you can start assembling and editing, you must first have a clear idea of what the video will be about. What should such a script include? Well, your entire script should revolve around your core message and must contain a clear call-to-action to persuade all your viewers to buy your product, request your service, visit your website, and so on.

Step 1.5: Write a voice-over script

Yes, indeed, 1.5! A voice-over isn't always necessary for every animation video; sometimes, visuals and sound are more than enough. When it is used, a script needs to be prepared in advance so that the voice-over can be clearly and fully recorded.

Step 2: Establish a look & feel

This involves a brief, visual representation of the 'atmosphere' of the animation video. Often, this might include the main characters featured, an image of a crucial scene, or another central element. If you're creating an animation video for a client, this is the initial visual concept they receive.

Step 3: The storyboard

Simply put, the storyboard translates your video script into visual steps. For each shot, this is where you'll illustrate how that piece of text is visually explained in the animation video, engaging in visual storytelling.

Step 4: Start animating or motion design

This stage represents the most significant work within the entire process because this is where the production begins: animating and designing. Depending on the animation style, the process will vary. There are various options such as 2D animation, whiteboard animation (or our very own version: Write-On-Board!), typography, cut-out, 3D, and so on. There are numerous possibilities available!

Step 4.5: Add a voice-over

Here we are again with our 'half step'. By now, you know that not every video requires a voice-over, but if it's applicable, you'll need to find the most suitable voice. Often, this involves working with voice actors, but if you prefer to narrate it yourself, that's always an option.

Step 5: Add audio

During post-production, audio elements are incorporated into the video, often including subtitles. These audio elements can comprise background music as well as necessary sound effects. This step essentially represents the 'finishing touch' to your video.

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